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From Dreams to Reality


It was all a dream. For real, for real. I woke up one morning and remembered dreaming about a makeup palette called the "Brag Box." The company was listed and it had the word "fanes" in it. Being the English language fanatic that I am, I looked it up. Turns out, it's an archaic word for "shrine" or "temple." hit me. "The Color Temple" and here we are. 

My place in the beauty industry goes way back. I have many aunts and cousins who were licensed stylists, my baby sister is a current stylist, I have amazing professional make-up artist cousins and I have been getting my hair done since it was possible to be done. I can remember being in a salon from a very young age, whether I was getting my own press n' curl or braids and beads or with my mom because she KEPT her hair done and a mean cut! My hair has always been extremely thick & long (before I started wearing it short), and my mother and I would fight on wash days because it was truly a chore. She often has commented that she "grew" my hair out by braiding it and keeping up a routine. I'm sure I've inherited her hands in many different ways and funny, I ended up paying her back many times later in life as her own personal stylist (smile, mom). I have been doing hair as far back as about seventh grade. Even after visiting the salon, I can remember making my style last longer by simply recreating the finger waves or re-rolling the french roll (I'm aging myself here). I braided many friends' hair, put in so many curls, cut so many amazing styles, walked and worked in hair shows, and finally later in life, I went on to get my cosmetology license and work for some amazing stylists including Ursula Stephen. My journey took me back to college, and I became an educator, but I never really left the beauty industry--it has been forever in me. 


With this business, I wanted you to have quality products that were made right here in the U.S., that had nurturing ingredients like vitamin C and E, shea butter, aloe, and spearmint. I chose color palettes that would highlight different feelings and moods and thought about the most sustainable and cruelty-free practices to bring you quality products. When I was in the salon, I didn't just "do hair," but I grew hair. I still stand on two things: The Products and The Cut! I always talked about products and made a commitment to stay away from products that contain harmful ingredients or ingredients where the long-term effects are unknown. I bring that same passion here and each of our products is carefully created and curated to protect your temple and help you be the best you that you choose to be.

There's something for you here, and I can promise you that it's good for you. Shop our selection of clean makeup, hair care, and body products and get ready to brag a little--we won't judge!

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