Shower Steamer
  • Shower Steamer

    Shower Steamers create a more relaxing and invigorating shower experience with melts infused with essential oils to help relax your mind and body, wake you up, or create an in-home spa day.


    Our shower steamers contain quickly dissolving natural ingredients that are gentle on sensitive skin, and are plumbing and septic tank safe.


    These aromatherapy shower steamers can be simply unwrapped and placed on the floor of the shower. Hot water and steam will activate the tablet and the essential oils infuse with the steam naturally.


    Berry Fruity: A decadent and indulgent blend of fresh strawberry and raspberry with rich cream.

    Cedar Wood: Earthy and woodsy. True cedar scent.

    Cucumber Mint: Fresh garden cucumber blended with the scent of freshly cut mint leaves for an extremely fresh and clean scent.

    Cupcake: The rich, creamy aroma of vanilla cupcakes with hints of rum and lots of buttery icing.

    Eucalyptus: The green and minty aroma of this essential oil is strong and pure.

    Lavender: Endless fields of classic French lavender in bloom on a spring day.

    Peppermint: Cool minty fresh aroma of peppermint. Reminiscent of candy canes.

    Pink Grapefruit: The perky aroma of a freshly squeezed sweet and juicy grapefruit.

    Sandalwood & Patchouli: Fragrant grains of sandalwood are polished with the sweetness of balsamic richness.

    Sweet Orange: The uplifting aroma of sweet and sunny freshly peeled oranges.

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